Cost-Saving Refurbishment Tips from Shopfitters in Brisbane

Cost-Saving Refurbishment Tips from Shopfitters in Brisbane

When storefront fixtures begin to look tired and it’s time for a refurbishment, business owners can follow this advice from expert shopfitters in Brisbane to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Concentrate on these strategic upgrades to drive your dollar further

Unless you have an unlimited refurbishment budget it’s important to focus on upgrading only those features that will have the most impact on long-term sales.  But how do you know what those things are?  A good shopfitter will tell you that provided the basic structural items of the store such as ceilings, floors, shelves and counters are still in good shape you really don’t need to pour huge money into undergoing a total refit.  Instead focus on refurbishing signage, lighting, paint, décor and feature displays to give your business the update it needs.  You could also consider relocating existing fittings to improve customer flow and staff efficiency and be sure to attend to maintenance items such as broken fixtures or stained carpet.

Working collaboratively with shopfitters in Brisbane, business owners should focus on creating a complete sensory experience

In planning a refurbishment it pays to remember that customers in our lifestyle-oriented state capital demand more than a great product or service – they are looking for an experience.  With often just a split second to capture their attention and entice them to come inside your store, what customers see, touch and feel upon entering the business is critical.  Talk to your local Brisbane shopfitters about how you can improve your ambience, graphics and fixtures and make them work together to create an irresistible sensory experience.  The most effective refurbishments combine these items into a seamless story that is communicated to consumers on multiple levels.  Remember that each item in the design should contribute to a consistent telling of who you are as a business, what you sell and why the client should buy from you.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the importance of good lighting

When delivering a design brief to their shopfitters Brisbane businesses will often mistakenly fail to include a lighting plan.  Any shopfitter worth their salt will tell you that effective lighting is crucial for creating an atmosphere and attracting customer attention to both the store itself and specific products inside the store.  That’s not to say that a single level of bright lighting throughout the shop is the best option – think about the mood and ambience you want to create.  Variations in light are the secret for directing customer attention to feature displays and leading them throughout the store.  A well illuminated sign at the store entrance will often pay dividends in helping your business to stand out above the crowd.  Strong accent lighting can be used to spotlight particular products, along with the sparing use of decorative lighting (think chandeliers, pendant lights or LED strips) to entice the customer to enter particular zones within the shop.  It is especially important for customer circulation that the lighting at the back of the store is sufficiently bright to encourage people to browse in that area.

Make sure your business signage stands head and shoulders above the competition

Consumers are bombarded by an infinite number of marketing messages each day so putting significant thought and investment behind attention-grabbing business signage is a must.  One top priority is to ensure that your store name is well illuminated and easily visible from a distance, especially above the heads of other shoppers or in busy city traffic.  In consultation with their shopfitters Brisbane businesses should check that the colour and style of any external signage is sufficient to grab the customer’s eye in an instant and activate them to enter the premises.  Using tall banners that stand out above heads and direct the gaze down towards visual merchandising in window displays can also help to captivate interest and stimulate sales.

In short, when putting together a refurbishment plan with shopfitters in Brisbane companies can can make the most of their budget by focusing on enhancing illumination, graphics, feature displays, and interior design to effectively tell their brand’s story and create an exciting sensory journey for their customers.

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