Office Partitions Brisbane: Which Type’s Right For You?

Office Partitions Brisbane: Which Type’s Right For You?

When it comes to selecting office partitions Brisbane business owners need to discern which solutions will offer the greatest returns on investment while enhancing staff productivity and creating a distinctive look that will accurately portray the company’s unique style and branding.  

Glass Partitions

If wanting to impart an upmarket or architectural quality via their office partitions Brisbane companies should consider using glazed partitions. Glass partitions have become a popular choice in commercial fitouts as they allow an abundance of natural light to flow through the workspace. The transparent nature of this style of partition is also a perfect solution for creating the illusion of space in small offices. It’s ideal for businesses who want to maintain an open office feel and enhance feelings of team synergy while still providing acoustic privacy for management level staff. Apart from these morale-boosting benefits glass partitions have the added advantages of being attractive, easy to keep clean and they can even be embellished with images, patterns or a corporate logo to further reinforce brand identity. Glass partitions can be clear, coloured or tinted, and where privacy is a concern they can be frosted or etched.

Options for glazed office partitions in Brisbane:

Frameless – Frameless glass partitions offer a sophisticated and visually stunning solution that befits our vibrant city as there are no metal brackets to distract the eye from the seamless appearance of the glass. This kind of partition will appear as a single wall of glass.

Framed – Framed glass partitions offer panels of glass which are structurally reinforced with metal brackets. This can be a more cost-effective alternative to going frameless and is a great option for those businesses who prefer an industrial look. Black aluminium-framed panels are becoming an increasingly popular option, creating an appearance reminiscent of Japanese shoji screens.

Metal Stud Drywall Partitions

When sifting through the various options for office partitions in Brisbane, enterprises who need high levels of privacy and security or who have specific requirements concerning fire resistance and noise or thermal insulation will find metal stud drywall partitions hard to beat. Looking just like the masonry walls in a domestic dwelling only faster, easier and cheaper to install, these semi-permanent partitions have a lightweight metal frame and are excellent for incorporating unsightly services like plumbing or data cabling. They can also be insulated for additional acoustic privacy and are an optimal choice when fixtures must be attached to the wall. Metal stud partitions are typically finished with plasterboard and can be painted or wall-papered to create an attractive feature.

Demountable Partitions

Where flexibility is a key consideration in the choice of office partitions Brisbane business owners should weigh up the benefits of using demountable partitions. These offer a high degree of versatility while being cost-effective and are an ideal way to future-proof an office space. The modular nature of these systems, typically consisting of a series of aluminium frames and prefabricated panels, means that they can be quickly installed with minimal disruption to the business. As the needs of the business change in the future they can be easily extended or altered in configuration with negligible damage to wall, ceiling or floor surfaces. Panels come in full and half heights and are available in a variety of finishes including plaster, timber veneer, vinyl and glass. They can even be a combination of both glass and solids and can incorporate windows, doors and internal blinds. In terms of the cost-saving advantages of demountable office partitions Brisbane businesses occupying leased premises gain even greater financial returns when it’s time to move as they can be easily relocated and reused at the new location, saving both money and the environment.

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