With careful planning of their new office fitouts Brisbane businesses can keep pace with the changing trends in how we work and create a vibrant workspace that significantly improves employee productivity and work satisfaction.

Open-plan office environments are on the rise for office fitouts in Brisbane

Advances in technology have forever changed the way that our daily business is conducted. As employee mobility in the southern parts of Queensland increases thanks to the advent of mobile devices, the internet and cloud storage, companies are realising that the need for large office suites and designated work cubicles is quickly disappearing. Many businesses are instead choosing to remove partitions and provide open plan, multifunctional workspaces where employees can move about freely and easily interact with their co-workers for greater teamwork and collaboration. Ensuring your IT infrastructure is sufficient for employees to work wirelessly throughout the building is vital, while providing staff with a secure place to store their personal items will mean that your team can feel free to make the most of an open-plan office environment. In departments where privacy and security is essential, such as accounting, you could consider using glass partitions to help to maintain a feeling of team togetherness.

More companies are opting for flexible workspaces that can adapt to suit activity

Gone are the days of the under-utilized yet gigantic conference room. By making the smart choice to incorporate greater flexibility into their office fitouts Brisbane businesses can create a range of settings within the workspace that can adapt to suit the task at hand and allow staff to work in the way that best suits them. In the modern office this might look like a huddle room or open area with whiteboards where team members can spontaneously gather to brainstorm ideas. Conversely, when focused concentration is required rather than collaboration, providing quiet zones with stations that allow individuals to switch off from distractions will keep the productivity flowing. Incorporating height-adjustable, ergonomic furniture into your workplace will also help to increase staff mobility and efficiency.

Greener workspaces are essential for attracting a new generation of talent

Creating a workspace that focuses on the wellbeing of the planet as well as the staff is an essential consideration for any company looking to attract and retain a younger generation of environmentally conscious employees. When designing office fitouts in Brisbane businesses can think green by incorporating elements that help staff to feel relaxed and connected with our fantastic outdoor environment rather than locked away in an artificial world. Using large windows and glass partitions will allow the beautiful sunshine we experience in this part of the world to permeate the office and enhance feelings of wellbeing. Another way to bring the outdoors in is to include natural textures such as stone or timber in your fitout and to use plenty of greenery around the office. Although we tend to think of pollution as being outdoors, office environments can have even poorer air quality than city streets. When planning new office fitouts in Brisbane companies can help to preserve the health of their staff by sourcing furniture and carpets with low levels of particulate emissions and checking that air conditioning systems are well maintained.

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